Sunday, 22 August 2010

Yes, I am still alive

Lordy, life's a little hectic of late - sitting down to write has completely fallen by the wayside. I have a story all written, helpfully critiqued by members of the forum I'm on, but have I found the time to polish and send it out to a magazine? No, I have not - it's gathering dust on a shelf and looking very sorry for itself. I am going to endeavour to do something about that this week.

Rehearsals for Skylight are coming along, although I came back from my holiday to discover that one of the actors had pulled out. Frustrating, as rehearsals up to that point had just been for me and him, so all the work we'd done is rendered somewhat obsolete. Another actor is auditioning tomorrow evening I believe, so hopefully he'll be great and we can start all over again. Deep joy, because it was so much fun first time round! On a more positive note, rehearsals with the other actor have been good so far. My concern overall is just when am I going to find the time to learn my lines? Of which, I might add, there are MANY!

There is always a point during the rehearsal/performance process when I ask myself why I am putting myself through it. Usually that occurs on dress rehearsals and performance nights, when I'm waiting in the wings to go on. With this play, I am asking the question already, which bodes well does it not?!

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