Who am I?

I've worked in various areas of publishing for a fair few years now and have found myself, during that time, writing articles and features on topics about which I care not one jot - the property market in Kent, for example.

But about a year ago I was struck by inspiration and came up with an excellent idea for a novel (even if I do say so myself). I embarked on a couple of creative writing courses in order to aid and abet this pesky idea, and as my second course draws to a close I am ready to put pen to paper. This writing about made-up stuff what comes from your brain malarkey is so much more fun than writing about semi-detached houses in Sittingbourne.

As well as writing, I also do fun drama-type things at my local theatre, the progress of which I'm sure will get talked about here.

As will my cat, Fred, and anything other vagaries of my life.