Thursday, 25 November 2010

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper... or did he?

Okay, so I will admit that I'm on a bit of a Jasper Fforde bender at the moment and have just last night finished The Fouth Bear. I know I've been going on about him a lot lately, but he really IS worth the fuss! The Fourth Bear is one of the Nursery Crimes series and involves Goldilocks and the three bears, as well as a cameoes from the Gingerbreadman and Punch & Judy, amongst many other literary references. It's stacked to the rafters with golden moments but the one below is genius and made me laugh out loud. Detective Jack Spratt is imparting gossip to Sergeant Mary Mary...

     "Pippa's pregnant by Peck."
     "Pippa Piper picked Peck over Pickle or Pepper?" exclaimed Mary incredulously. "Which of the Peck pair did Pippa Piper pick?"
     "Peter 'pockmarked' Peck of Palmer Park. He was the Peck that Pippa Piper picked."
     "No, no," returned Mary, "you've got it all wrong. Paul Peck is the Palmer Park Peck; Peter Peck is the pockmarked Peck from Pembroke Park. Pillocks. I'd placed a pound on Pippa Piper picking PC Percy Proctor from Pocklington."
     There was a pause.
     "It seems a very laborious set up for a pretty lame joke doesn't it?" mused Jack.
     "Yes," agreed Mary, shaking her head sadly. "I really don't know how he gets away with it."



  1. LOL! Epic! :) He's still on my tbr pile, but looking forward to reading now :)

  2. You see! :oD The man's a genius.