Thursday, 17 June 2010

My first award - hurrah!

Many thanks to the lovely Mandy for giving me my very first award! I would like to thank my mum and dad for creating me, and the world for letting me live in it. :o)

According to the rules I now have to tell you ten things about myself that you don't know. So here goes:
  1. Sweet Williams are my favourite flower
  2. One day I want to live in Aldeburgh in Suffolk
  3. I have an interesting family: My step-grandad was a journalist amongst many other talents and interviewed Elizabeth Taylor and Salavador Dali in his time. My granny, amongst her many other talents, was known as the Queen of Portobello Road (a term coined by The Observer I think) and brought back the trend for vintage clothing in the Sixties. My great-uncle, who is American, was a Senator. My mummy is a vicar!
  4. I'm terrified of Daddy Longlegs
  5. Sometimes I snort when I laugh and I'm not ashamed to admit it
  6. Cinnamon gives me a headache
  7. I am really quite obsessed with the Twilight Saga, even though I am no longer a teenage girl. If you haven't read these - you should!
  8. I HATE hoovering
  9. I don't play sport and am not interested in watching any sport - apart from the Tour de France, which has me glued to the screen every summer. One day I would like to hire a camper van and follow the the whole tour.
  10. I have absolutely no idea what the future has in store for me - sometimes that scares me, but most of the time I find it thrilling.
I would like to pass this award on to:

Fanciful Alice

Lucy Diamond

Clara Wieland

Sally Quilford

Emma Darwin


  1. My pleasure. And crumbs, I hadn't realised we're now twin bloggers - HA X

  2. We are! We have the same background - I noticed yesterday! :oD (There was me thinking I'd been all original.)